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Caitlin is on a journey of learning about her ancestral lineages while deepening her relationship with the skills and traditions of her ancestors and the people indigenous to the land she lives with now. Her introduction to tracking, bird language, plant medicine, shelter building, scout skills and off-grid living began when she worked for the Maine Primitive Skills School in 2014. She has been involved with The Wildwood Path, a 9-month nature connection journey for women and trans people since it’s inception in 2015.

Caitlin is nearing completion of a graduate certificate in Ecopsychology at Pacifica while being mentored through Animas Institute in facilitating the cultivation of innate wholeness and self-healing through use of the Nature Based Map of the Human Psyche developed by Bill Plotkin. She is also under supervision to complete the process of becoming a Certified Forest Therapy Guide. Caitlin is committed to making the work she facilitates more accessible to marginalized populations and continues to explore how to survive in a capitalist system while doing so.

Caitlin has completed a Wilderness First Responder course, is currently certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and is pursuing a Recreational Maine Guide license. She is also a participant in Helping the Butterfly Hatch, an international Self Directed Education facilitator mentorship program.

When she’s not focusing on continuing education, you can find her offering nature connection activities in the public schools and afterschool programs throughout mid-coast Maine. Caitlin also enjoys teaching a yearly Permaculture Design Course in western Maine bringing a unique perspective on the social applications of the permaculture principles.